Moloch is a journal of new art & writing, providing a forum for the arts to compliment and enhance each other using a variety of styles and mediums. We are looking for submissions of art, poetry, and short stories. We are also very open to include other artforms so if you have an idea or something interesting do send it our way. We are always looking for people willing to create new art pieces based on poems/stories, and people to write new poems/stories based on art. If you would like to try to create a new piece in such a manner please email us a sample of your work! Please read the guidelines before sending your work.


  • Please specify if it is an art, poetry, or a short story submission in the subject line.
  • All writing submissions must be sent as attachments in a word document (.doc).
  • Please format your work as you would like it to appear.
  • Stories must not exceed 3,000 words.
  • If you are submitting both art and writing, please indicate if they must be used together or if they can be considered separately.

Submit up to
6 poems
6 art pieces/photographs
2 short stories

to editor [at]