It wasn't our intention to unleash an issue riddled with moons – pink moons, open moons, cardboard moons, moons in cursing skies, not to mention mooning humans – but it's true that sending out a call for submissions is a lot like going to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat. Nor, as we've put the issue together, have we developed a theory to explain why there should be quite so many moons rising over these poems, stories, and pieces of art. But we will take the precaution of reminding you that in A Midsummer Night's Dream it's the moon that presides over a community's intoxication and all the transgressive, kinky behaviour that ensues. Ill met by moonlight...

Welcome to Moloch. Pack some honey, plenty of money, mince, quince, a runcible spoon and your dancing shoes.

Enough with it already.
I’m a cardboard moon. 

from Diagram of Morning by Daniel Porder