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Note from the editor

page 9
The Empty Fish Pond of Baileard
by Jessica Reidy
Art 'Platonic Friends' by Oisín Byrne

page 17
Motley Crue by Kevin Cabrera
Art 'Origami' by Charlotte Cuffe

page 2
Plum by Katelyn Feruson
Art'Plum' by Damien O'Reilly

page 10
Trains by Crystal Jean Hoffman
Art 'Trains' by Damien O'Reilly

page 18
Dragon's Teeth by Geraldine Mitchell
Art 'Crow' by Nitoo Das

page 3
Yeer by S.J. Fowler
Art 'Yeer' by Gareth Humphreys

page 11
Landscape with Figures by Benjamin Moris
Art 'Landscape with Figures' by Sarah Quigley
page 19
River Dream by Libby Hart
Art by Derek Fitzpatrick

page 4
108 Moons by Jurga Ivanauskaitë
translated by Paul Perry & Ruta Suchodolskyte.
Art 'Universe Cubed Maquette' by Oisín Byrne

page 12

I wanna show you... by Mark Noonan
Art 'L.S.D.' by Mohamed


page 20
Cat Tracks Across Concrete by Jeremy Pomeroy
Art 'Is it Really You?' by Soft Blonde Moustache

page 5
Make-believe by Nitoo Das
Art 'Carry me Onwards' by Daire Lynch

page 13
On the way to three-rock by Paul Perry
Art ''Yuga" by Renée Alberts

page 21
The World Lies Down on its Back

by Peycho Kanev

Art by Gareth Humphreys

page 6
Heathcliffe by Jessica Reidy
Art 'Heathcliffe' by Sarah Quigley

page 14
Not Balor, Lugh by Jack Harte
Sculture by Fred Conlon

page 22
That's all Folks by Daniel Porder
Art 'Babyshower' by Maria Roche

page 7
Menace Attracts by Aideen Henry
Art 'The Lady and Hell' by Daire Lynch

page 15
Qairnitmiut by Stephen Fowler
Art 'Qairnitmiut' by Sarah Symes
page 23
Record by Alan Jude Moore
Art 'Accent' by Patrick Pearse

page 8
No Barbarians Allowed by Paul Kavanagh
Art by Michael McLoran

page 16
Moon Poems by Daniel Porder & Justin Hyde
Art 'Moons' by Nessa Darcy
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Editors Ailbhe Darcy and Clodagh Moynan, Guest Prose Editors Maire Robinson and Andrew McEneff

Design Clodagh Moynan, Background by Renée Alberts