A Dream

by Gavan Lennon


I’m lying in bed.

A woman runs through the door.

She’s no one I know

but I recognize her as a friend

of a female flatmate’s who’s

been staying with us for a while.

I don’t have a female flatmate.

She is wearing a blue t-shirt and black

underwear. Her hair is wet and black;

She’s just out of the shower.

She ran in to avoid being seen.

We talk, we’re close, we’re friends.

I can’t remember what we say.

She mentions a boyfriend.

She gets up off the floor and sits

on the quilt, on my legs, on the bed.

She has one hand on my foot and one

on my thigh. She crawls

toward my face, leans in

and we kiss.

It is the most beautiful kiss I’ve ever felt.


Her flesh around me is tender and warm as a prayer.

I say your boyfriend

she looks at me.

Her eyes are brown.

I can’t remember the rest.



Marilyn by Mark O'Keeffe