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An Introduction to Moloch
page 8
Snapshots from a Lost Age by Kevin Higgins
20 Metres South by Damien O’ Reilly
page 2
The Meditations of Icarus I
by Nitoo Das Fractals by Nitoo Das
page 9
On Looking at a Picture of Elizabeth Taylor by Stephen Kelly
from Sad little Zoo by Nessa Darcy
page 3
Social Realist Poetess Celebrates Birthday
by Kevin Higgins Painting by Brigid Murray
page 10
Shapeshifty: A Poem for Méret Oppenheim by Nitoo Das
Furry Teacup by Méret Oppenheim
page 4
Ladybird by Stephen Kelly
Ladybird by Blaise Harvey
page 11
Ragged Umbrellas by Alan Peart
Pianoman by Daire Lynch
page 5
Time and temperature building by James Kepple
Baby Blue by Daire Lynch
page 12
Vegetable Plots by Jim Murray
Background by Blaise Harvey
page 6
Bad Manners in a Small Irish Town by Fred Johnston
The New Black by Damien O’ Reilly
Page 13
Contributors Bios
page 7
Subterfuge by Kim Göransson
Castro Eats Candy by Kim Göransson
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Editors: Clodagh Moynan, Ailbhe Darcy