Babyblue by Daire Lynch


time and temperature building
by james kepple

we attempt love in the ocean,
the salt you say dries out, makes it hard to fill
twirling together in the ocean of 50 degrees
just to leave with raging hardon
for proof the little devil is cold blooded

we lay on sand and draw superhuman bunnies
giant sand pieces of our love for superhuman bunnies

when the temperature drops at night
in short sleeve shirt I consume whiskey
hold your hand as we skip down milk street
the moments your face looks like god
we cut a rug on cobblestones

gaunt maine bank and trust proclaiming
that life is a matter of time and temperature
for the day I drove here on leave of boston
I passed on
a pleasant funeral held on the 95 north
my face covered in sweet held earth
the way life should be

and in heaven the angels are diving for oysters
baring barnacles
were building a lofty cottage of cumulous
raising feet in air to step, to step again
and walk to the cross tide pull down where we float
to the bottom of the ocean warm
and lay in pearl with scales weighing our manner earned
a hiding place for lovers and pirates
hooks and flesh handles,
monk fish hymn we descend to the brine
slow consumptive purse snatchers
bubbling away


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